You have you man but he does not take any step to propose to you. He is pretending not to be so sorry with you but you cannot leave without him. Are you tired of being in suspense here is a right place for you to tell you on how you can make him ask for marriage.

It is very stress to spend your time with a person whom you not sure if he will keep you as her wife, He maybe someone who is not ready for any committee in his life. You rely need to make him understand that you need him in your life. So the only question is how will you make him committed?

It may sound so new to you if you not familiar with spell, they powers are so much capable to change a person and put him in the direction you want him to be however much he may be resistant. Once you get a good spell he will never have the powers to stop it. All he will do is to follow your instructions and does everything as you wish.  Therefore stop spending your time with a person you not sure on how it will end. Make him a spell to secure your future with him.


As I said spell are ritual powers that can turn someone to focus on you. If we make him this spell a lot will change in his life in that he will not be secure without you in his life. This will drive him to make everything so that he cannot lose you in his life. The first thing he will thing of will be to ask you for marriage to build a family together.

He will create every chance to see that you happy so that you can accept him to marry you. This spell will bind together with you for the rest of his life. No woman will ever take him away from you, his love will always be new to you make it so joyful in your relationship.


This spell is so much made for people who have been in a relationship for more than 4 years without proposing to you. The period of 4 years is so enough to decide on that person you have been with, if his man is not showing you progress make sure you can him this spell so that you get the right position in his heart.

The spell will make him more concerned about you and think of you a lot in that he will be insecure when he is not committed to you. Then he will have to propose to you in rush to achieve his aim and be content.

Not forgetting that as you are woman your age matters the more you stay with someone when not committed to you will be on a high risk that one day he will walk out of your life when you already old which will be of less value to you to have a person who will treasure again.

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  1. Alisha

    Am Alisha from UAE am only here to appreciate the help I got from Dr Umar Malkh: +27678477336 I lost my husband due the fight we hard regarding his phone messages. I found some messages on her whatsApp charting with another girl from his work which was clearly showing that they had an affair with her. So when I asked him he denied but he kept on charting with her and at times she call him and my husband pretended as if it was a business call. However no business call comes at night.
    One want I was so pissed off and tired of that girl taking my man away from him so we had a big fight with my husband. Which made him to move out of our house on the following day, I did not bother him a lot at first since I was so angry on him but as time went on I felt I lost a person who I needed my entire life. My life started to be so hard and stressing in which I could not eat even move out of the house due to the love I had for him.
    I called him but he could not answer my calls this was really driving me crazy and I almost died so I had to look for solutions on how bring back my husband because it was so hurting to leave him for any other woman since I also loved him a lot. So I used to cry for him every night and I could not sleep, but as I was on internet looking for someone who could help I met Dr Umar Malkh talking about his spell to bring aback your ex-lover. He really explained what exactly I was going through so I just contacted him for help.
    He really made my life meaning full the day I met him, he managed to make my husband call me on the day I contacted him. My husband he came back to me and apologized to me for his mistakes and promised me not to do it again. He left that other woman and came back home we now in a good health relationship he loves me a lot and committed on only me. Thanks Dr Umar Malkh for the help you did for me and recommend him to anyone who may with the some problem I hard that he will help you in just a week as he did to me. Just contact him on:+27678477336 for help do not cry any more for love

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