Today am here to share with you the most important steps that you will take to have your ex back. But before we go feather lets fast get the usefulness of love. It is so natural to every human being to have love and without love you worthless. No one can have value in life if you don’t have love in your heart.

The only dangerous part in life is when you find your soul mate and things turn out that he or she leaving you. Never allow this to happen to you since you will be losing your inner joy which will cause permanent damage to your life. So today this is the reason why am here to give you the 9 tips that will bring back your ex-lover so that you will never be left away with broken heart.


The most common behavior among men is that men will never react at the first time as women do. So this is puzzling women when they say I did nothing but my man left me not knowing that he has be observing you.  Therefore if your man has ever complained on something that is not right it is better to site with him and talk about it. When you still have the chance to change or make him understand than to wait until it becomes worse.

If you are short temped always try to apology after getting the truth since most people who are short temped reacts easily and so first. This may cause your man to distance himself from you thinking that you no longer love him. It is better to make him know that it was out of eager whatever you said when you angry so that he doesn’t take it serious.


Once you in a relationship you must understand that you now one. The more you be open to your man is the more he will be committed to you. This will help you in that even when you get miss understanding he will find it hard to stay without you since he will know that you are part of his life.

Having a woman who you only share sex with and she always keep secretes from you will develop too many doubts. Therefore your man will always find a way to leave you and once he is gone he will be scared to come back to you.


When I say to keep your value I mean to not be desperate. Some women when they break up they turn out to be desperate thinking that her ex is now going out with other girls so she will also start sleeping with every man comes in her visibility. This is very wrong since it will make you lose value to everyone, it will make your ex to realize that he was making a mistake to be with you.

The more you respect yourself will make his friend to make him understand how stupid he is to dump you so this will force him to take you back. He will find the way to come back to you and apology to you since it is hard to find a good woman on this planet


Revenge is the act of stupid people. The most hurting way is to make your ex to understood all what he did but you can’t do the same to him if in case he did something wrong to you. He will be more tortured than doing the same mistake as he did which implies that you both wrong. Once you broke up with your man most of the time he will be following you to know what is going on with your life. This means he still needs you in his life but he just does not know how to make you come back. At time he is only trying to play it hard so that you can come to him first. In this process once he finds out that you also doing the same mistakes like him he will just find the way to stay without you than thinking of how he can change his life to get back to you. 


Try to show him that you still care about him. Do follow him but in case something has happened to him or his family try showing him that you concern. Like burial you need to attend or some parties at his family. However do not show him that you attending because you need him back. Just act like you showing up as a responsible person.

His friends and family will start to make him feel he was wrong to let you go since they will see your responsibilities. This will strong feeling to him whenever he will be alone he will be thinking of bring you back to his life. It won’t take long to see him coming back to you asking for a chance to have you back into his life.


If you had some friends whom you used to hug with don’t distance them but again never date them however nice they may be at to you. It is so immoral to date your ex-boyfriend`s friends this will be a sign that you were not a good person relay on. Everyone will judge you for that they will congratulate him for leaving you. It will be so much fanny since it is very hard for your relationship to last with your ex-boyfriend`s friend.

If you only huge out with them he will be jealous at you. He will want know what you always be doing with his friends. Once he finds out that you only being good to them he will want you back so that he won’t miss such a good person who even his friends could not miss to hug out with?


At times men think that women can’t survive without them supporting them financially. When you broke out with your boyfriend most time he thinks you will come back for his finance. All you have to do is to show him that you can stay without him supporting you with his money. Let him know that you able to take care of yourself he will be so concerned on how much determined you are making him gain more value in you.


Not that all men are the same. If you have tried all this and you have failed to get him back do not lose hope when you want him back. It will be better to visit my website www.getyourexloverback .org for more information that may be useful to wine your man back.


The most attracted part on a man is to see a smart women. This is very important to always be smart whenever you know that you may meet up with him. This will drive him crazy seeing you much attractive. They live in fear that one day you will be taken away by another man so he will make it first to bring you back to his life. So that he won’t relate of losing you.

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