The question will be why will you want a married man? It so normal to fall in love with a married man since love won’t ask why, or has no boundary. Once the heart falls for someone no one can limit it to be in love with you.   So do not be offended when you fall in love with a married man just know how to get him to yourself.

AM here to teach you how your will get him to love you: It may be hard to get him but with some steps you will win him and make yours. Try to get on with me and see if the magic will work for you to gain your happiness with him.


This is a very important question to ask yourself when you cheesing a married man. Once your fine out there needs to will be easy for you to get him.

As we all know that most married men experience so much stress with their families so it will be of your own responsibility to make sure you don’t cause more stress. Try to take the direction of being his joy in that whenever he gets stress he will think of you as his relief.

This is how you will get achieve it. A demanding woman will also be a stress to man so avoids being demanding. Try to make him understand that they only thing you need from him is to be happy together and even don’t demand for his time. Just make him enjoy ever moment you spend with him that will make him spend more time with you. 


In so many relationships women are good at complaining about everything in their relationship so since this is a common factor it better to prevent it.  Make a married man to experience new life with woman who won’t be complaining to him so this will give him so much attention to you. Making him refer to you whenever he feels out of love to his woman he will put you first. This will be proved by seeing him seeking at night to be with you telling you he has got enough of her wife complaining.


Men are so eager to experience a new life than what they maybe going through. It is so easy to change a man when make him feel like his experiencing a new life. This will be done in the way if he was not an outdoor person try to make him experience the outdoor life. Like if you ask him for a date try to take him to cinemas, Good restaurants to have a new experience which will make him miss you and get attached to you. 

If I talk of some new changes it means a lot. Do you know that some married couple are so formal in that even their sex life is always the same and even some are scared to ask their wives to have a different sex experience. It will be a great a opportunity to you if you can make a married man to have a blow mind sex that he has never had before from her wife which will make him follow you everywhere wanting to have more of you. Then he will end up hooked in you.


Make it a point to look very smart in case you going to meet him or if you invite to a party and think he will also be there. Get nice outfit that will make you look gorgeous, beautiful makeup and spend some time in your mirror to see that everything perfect so that when you get to the party all eyes will be on you. This will attract him to keep you more attention.

After showing up so smart again do not be so desperate let him chase you. Do not be always available to him pretend that you so busy so he only has less chances to see you. This will add value to you in his life so he will respect you once he gets down with you.


Avoid calling him at night make sure if you see him during the day do not call or text him over the night. Let him miss you for the night so that he will make it a point to wake up thinking of. He will have to leave his home early to have a chance of calling you in the morning. This is a sign to show that he is now getting crazy about you. He will call to prove that you where alone for the night that jealous will make him wanting to have a control over you. He will end up leaving his wife for you.

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