What is love? This question is always so important to asking yourself when never you chose a man that you fall in love with. It will give you every reason so know if you choosing a right person in your life. Back to the question love is the most grateful gift that we can receive from our partners that will keep us together happy with each other. Once you have a person who you love in your life you will also be happy with him or her for your entire life. So always keep that person to love you unconditionally so that you can live a heavenly life on earth.

How you ready got that person whom you want to spend your entire life with him but you not sure if he or she will love you the some way you do love him or her. Here are some of the method that will make your partner to love you as never before on this earth.

Today am going to share with you the 15 ways that will make your partner to love you like he will never love again.


Do not just say I love you without meaning the world always tell your partner how you fell about him or her. Tell him or her that you love him when its from the bottom of your heart not for just an excuse to use him or her. The more you show up the real love to your partner the stronger your relationship becomes.

Always do things that will bring attention to your partner that will keep her or him happy when you together. By acting that this it will create a feeling that no one will want to miss therefore you will end up together every time due to the passion you developed for each other


In life everyone is looking on how to live a life with assurance that someone will always have their back whenever it is necessary. So make it appoint that your partner will always have a trust in you that you can stand with him or her in any staff condition and in good conditions this will bind your souls together for ever.  

The guarantee on this is not all about money. In most cases here is where we go wrong thinking that once you provide money to your partner you thing he will appreciate. Not really the case your partner needs all your support even emotionally and motivating to know the reality on how you treasure him or her.

It is so much important to always be so open to your partner and keep him or her feels like without you no one will live on this earth. Your presence to your partner must make  him feel  occupied with joy in his or her heart in that the times without you from him or her are the most difficult times to your partner.

  • Keep your promises to your partner

At time we take things to be so light but I will tell you every partner want a person who will stand on his or her word. So always if make a promise to your partner make sure that you fulfil it. This will make your partner the treasure for your generosity and making him or her know your value.

It mostly men who do not keep their promising thinking she will understand. Today am here to inform you that she won’t understand but she only pretend to let it go. So as you keep on doing the same habit over and over it make her occupied with anger that will led to miss understanding in your relationship hence ending up losing your partner. This is why I will advise men to keep their promises so that your relationship always be on shining value.


At times men have attendance of being so controlling at home. He will site done and wish a woman to do everything at home. Fine a woman will do it but deep inside her she will wish to have a person whom they can give a hand to each other.  Therefore I will advise you to help your woman in house work this will keep a close and strong relationship for both of you.

Kids at time disturbs a lot at home its not only a woman`s responsibility to look at kids at home. So be a good father at home make your wife realise how much you mean to the entire family. I promise you your wife will never want any other person apart from you. So you will get the love that no one else can give you.


It so romantic get to your partner with all the stress not knowing on how to manage the situation. In case you make any surprise on him or she will change her moods get happy. And it does not necessary mean that to make a surprise to your partner it has to big. We appreciate anything small that comes out from love and care. It is just a way to show how much you mean to someone that will keep you committed to him for ever.

The dinner for your loved one is a special can create great memories and will mean so much care you fell for each other. And please once your loved one organises for you a dinner please never give attention to your phone. Keep for focus on her or him for that time you together,


It has become a very big disease and problem. So many couple have been broke up due to miss use of phones and social media.  Your partner will always gain confident in you if nothing stupid you share on your phone and this can proved when you share your phone. To much password that your partner can not access to will always give him or her a big doubt about you.

Therefore share your phone with your partner and do not do dirty stuff with your phone. When you in a relationship we are so much irritated to see our partners flitting on phone with other opposite sex.


No one is perfect on this world as long as you are human therefore this means we can wrong so always try to get time and talk to your partner to know how wrong you done to him or her. With the aim of making her or him to forgive you.  It feels so respective if your partner comes to you and asks for forgives no matter how much you might have wronged your partner.

Getting into a talk with your partner bring the two of close and share the hided partner of each other. This will bring the confidence for both of you and create a good communication to one another which will create a strong bond on the two of you.


Nothing feels so good like staying with a person who motivates you. He or she will always be a person whom you can trust in everything you do since his contributions makes you feel so alive. Take a note on most time you get stress in your life, in this situation when you have a person with positive motivations he or will make you regain so quickly so can you imagine if that person was your partner. I believe you not wish to stay any minute without him or her.

It should not be only love motivation but also the general life we living in. Your Business on how to motivate you to make things work out for the two of you.


Men are so so jealous when it comes to her woman the worst part of it when she finds out that her woman is cheating this will drive him so away from you with a lot of pain. He will forgive you for the most wrong you can to do him and forget of it but the day he will find you cheating he won’t forget that day. In that your relationship will be so much weaken up between the two of you.  

If you find a man you love in your life try as much as you can not to cheat on him and be faithful to him. This will make him love you and treasure you every time of his moment. And a live love will keep a relationship health for ever.


It so funny that most of the time we don’t know what it takes to own a man`s heart. It is not so much and expensive the small thing as gifts you offers to your man will strength the relationship. If you have a man you want him to love you a lot make an effort to make him understand how n=much you love him. This will happen with those gifts you give to him.


It so commonly in women denying sex pressures to their men even husbands. Ever man would wish to have a woman you will never limit him in sex activities. In that men will always give their women sex at time she wants. Sex is a very strong bond that can keep to people together on one can separate a person from a person who satisfies his sex desires.

Men will always be men in that he will be so much hurt no to have sex and this will look hard for him to control his desire. Therefore if you limit him in sex activities it is a sign that indicated to him that his free to look for sex somewhere else and once you get to know about it this will bring separation. Try so hard to see that if you have a man do give him a reason to look for sex outside you.