Have you ever wondered how disorganized life can be when you lose your girlfriend. At time we may think that there are so much girls on thin planate but all I can tell you is that you met to be with that one girl whom your heart deserves.  It will break your heart to see her walking away from your life, Even this seem to be the end of your happiness due to the cap that it will create into your life. I have seen some people try to do succeed because he cannot stand to see her girlfriend to leave him.

Today I will give you the 10 important solutions that will make your ex friend come back to you and once she is back to you never give her any other chance to leave you again because life is never easy without that person who own your limb.


Once you get a woman that you feel that she has the qualities that you need in a woman and you willing to spend the rest of your life with her. Always try to build up the values in her that will make her to always stick by you. Great a bond that we call unbreakable in that whenever she try to think of leaving you she feel like her life will end without you in her life.

At times men have the tendency of ignoring their woman after the fall in love at the beginning men cares a lot. Then when a woman loves back then he takes it for granted. Of which the basic element that may have led that woman to love was you’re the care you shown up at the start. Therefore always make stay the same the woman you get since most of the time women loves men because of how they see you from day one without expecting any change.


The worst part in a relationship once your girlfriend leaves you. So much pressure will come to you and feel like you can leave without her and you will need her back immediately. This is a big mistake that you show not do. You have to that once a girl leaves you she must have a strong reason why she has decided to do it. So if you over pled on her most of the time you adding eager on her and making her not to feel comfortable to be around you.

All what you need is to give her time and we call it healing period this will make her make up her minds. And she will be able to gain you feeling back automatically if you really loved you in that she will find a way to make you realise that she still love you.


Your friend may walk from you but always she wish to see you around her however she won’t want to talk to you but she will be concern on you. So the more you keep in her visibility the more chances you create for her to get to you soon.

If you stay a distance away from her she will learn how to stay without you and even she won’t miss you that much as she would when she has a chance to see you. And most of the time when she don’t see you she will think maybe you already moved on so she will also try to find ways on how to move on. However if she can be able to see you she will always make plans on how to get you back.  


This will make her get jealous of you thinking that she made a wrong decision to leave you. And she won’t stand to see you with other girls if she loves you so she will try for as much as possible to send those girls away from you. She will only achieve this will be to have you back into her life so that you can listen to her.

Once she will see you with Female friend this will trigger her minds thinking that they are so beautiful and tempting in that you won’t resist them. She will even go behind you to get the real truth about your female friends . This has been proved from so many women fighting to others over a man thinking that she is taking her man away. She will fight with no clear reason since she won’t be able to ask you who is she so she won’t stand the chance to see you hanging round with female friend she will take you back.


The most common fact that a woman will realise easy that he is driving you crazy will be your appearance. Once your girl walks out of your life and you changes dramatically she will think that she was so much of a good value to you than you are to her. But if she see no much changed on you she will be scared thinking that maybe she was not of good use to you other than sex. So she will try to see that she can make you follow her since she will be thinking that anyone will take you so easily.


The courage that you show her by not calling her, text her even emailing her will make her understand that you can stay without her. Woman always don’t like men who can cheap. (Who will cry for them) they are so much interested in man who can stand on his own in the situation. Therefore over calling her and pleading to her will make her more proud. In that she may even refuse to come back to you.

However if you show that you not moved at all even though she leaves you it is a pain to her that she cannot stand. She will do all it takes to win you back this will force her to follow you everywhere not to give you a chance to another woman. The more you tend to be strong on her will be the more she won’t resist staying without you.


Once she will know that you have a new date she will react out of her sense to compete with you. By doing this most of the time she will fall in a stupid relationships simply to show you that she can also be with other guys.

Most of the time when your friend shows other guys it will make her lose her dignity to you so she will after try to element you a lot since she will always feel degraded towards you . So in order to make her have value in you try all the best to not show her any woman you maybe dating.


Some small thing may mean a lot to someone you love. Once you break up with your girlfriend never show hatred to her if you still want her back. In case she get any problem or fall sick only checking up on her either by visiting her at the hospital for a few minutes will chance her heart to realise how much important you mean in her life. And if you get some family problem that can involve the public if you show up this will be a date to her that will make her look for you.

In case there is a burial to her family and you attend after she will try to show you how much she appreciated you for your support in that this may be a bridge that can bring her back to you in no time.


Always girls want to be so much valuable towards their friends and to be on a high level. The moment to talk dirty to her to her friends it like you created a weapon for her that her friends will use to tarnish her.  This will hurt her so much in that she will start seeing you as a very stupid guy whom cannot share anymore more with you.

She try as for as much as she can to see that she is staying so far from you at time she will hate the day she met you. She will feel like that for all along she has been staying with a heartless man who doesn’t deserve to be next to her. Therefore this may be hard for her to forgive you.


Some woman get irritated by men who do show development in life. The you girlfriend leaves you and she sees much progress in she will regret why she left you. However if she leaves and you just stay the same or falling down she will think that she has made a right decision in that she think she has been saved to be way from you. This wont give her more attention to think of coming back to you.

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