No one can stand the pain of losing a person you love in your life, Love is so sweet in that when you get a person you love he becomes part of you that you cannot live without. This is why it`s so hard to seeing your partner walking away from your life.

But have you ever take notices on why you man left you, Today Dr Umar Malkh am here to take of major issues that causes break up in relationships and how to fix those issues.


At time we tend to be busy with other issuing forgetting that even our partners needs our time it is so much important to have time with your partner. It hard to miss a person you love always, however busy you might be you need to always have some time for your loved one. This will close the gap between the couple and fill it with joy since it’s always wonderful to spend time with your partner and greats grant memories.


So many people take it for granted to know how their partners feels but its so much important to have a good communication with your partner. This will make you understand each other so much better and keeps the couple bonded since you can know what your partner wants through good communication and keep the couple open to each other since it creates unification in a relationship. Most couple tends to breakup since they lucky communication therefore if you don’t have a better communication Dr Umar Malkh has the spell that can create a better way to communicate to each other.

AT time couple develops some fear towards one another leading to lucky of communication and causing a distance in a relationship which most of the times put you in separation however now it can be resolved once you contact Dr Umar malkh. He has got the spell that will bring the couple together with strong communication.


Every man wants have the attention and care of his woman but in this modern world it has changed woman always busy with their phones in that they even excuse you for long period of time simply because they need to be on phones. This most of the time hurts men it has become a major problem in a relationship because phones are now addictive and always give us a thinking that may be your partner has been taken up by other woman. Bad enough this is realised when you partner is already and willing to move away from you because of a phone, This is why you need to contact Dr Umar Malkh to bind your soul with your partner in that you will always share your phone with him to  create a trust to each other.

Some couples gets serious physical fighting due to phones as we have so much social networks on phones at times we end up miss using them. This is where you will find so many females friends talking romantic conversions with your man. And no one will be happy to see you man engaging in much community and once you get addicted it may be hard to leave the social networks this is why you need Dr Umar Malkh so that you can save your relationship.


Some men are such abusive in that they even don’t know that may have cause them to be that abusive and as you know one wants to be abusive. However this may not be a reason of losing your man if you love him Dr Umar Malkh with the spell how to bring back your ex-boyfriend in hour has the powers to weaken your man`s heart towards you. He will never raise his hands on you once you cast this spell for him and he will look for you if he had left your for his characters. He will change totally to a good person that will be your relationship a better place to enjoy.

At times men are so good when they are normal but once the start to use some drugs they become abusive and can con not control them self. This lead to your man leaving simply because of the drug influence. Once you see these signs in your man don’t let it take away your man contact Dr Umar Malkh he will use the spell to how to bring back your ex-boyfriend in hour to stop you from consuming drugs. And if he had left you already he will still come back to you and apologise for being abusive to you. This will bring back the love for each other and stay happy in your relationship.


As we all deserve a person who can standby you and give you all the strength to know the value of your life this bring so much joy and peace in a relationship. Of which gives your partner a special feeling for and increase the treatment to each other. Anyone who may have a person who cares him a lot she will always find a way to bring your back in case there was anything that may have led to the separation your partner will never allow to stay from you.


It is very important to make your boyfriend to experience the best sex r from you at any time you engage yourself with him for sex activities. This will bind him to you and get addicted to you in that whenever he leaves you he can’t even take a day without thinking you and if he tries to have sex outside from other women he will always relate them to you and it won’t be of a pleasure to him. This will drag him to come back to you since he will never have any great woman besides you.


AT times we tend to have limitations on our boyfriends which creates a space in a couple since it can be hard for him to know what may be going wrong towards your relationship. Also this makes him to have anything much that he will be missing about you so losing you in his life may not be so hard to him copy with. But the much you openly talk your boyfriend this will make him understand you a lot am prevent him from doing things that may hurt him since you will know him in and out hence making impossible to leave his life without you. He will call you back and make you part of his life.


Most of your time make sure you give a hand to your boyfriend it will make him to realise your importance to him once he tries to leave you as we all know that most of the girls out are Gold diggers. He will never settle with any other girl due the support that you used to give him and motives him to be a better man having successful projects from your support that man will never let you go away from his life.