How to attract your ex boyfriend

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  1. STAY IN YOUR OWN SPACE: By giving yourself a space with your ex boyfriend will help you to realize a lot about your relationship with all what happen. Being close to him every time makes you not to think straight on your relationship problems there for this won’t be easy for you to fix your mistake. Just do not ignore him but again avoid calling him only you can react on his social media.  Doing this will give you a clear vision on what you love about him, the problems need to be fixed in your relationship so that he can be in a better relationship again.
  • At times they can invite your for a party that may include him to be attending once you know he will be their do not go so that he can start thinking of what is going with you which will give him more attention on you to start looking for you.
  • GETTING TO KNOW WHY YOU BROKE UP: do not try to get back together before know what was wrong in the first place that brought up the separation. Do much research on your soul asking why you ended the relationship. Was it because of your mood, long distance or fighting a lot to each other? Learn what can be changed immediately.
  • You only have needed to try to get your boyfriend back with the aim of making things different this time. If you think you broke up because the two of you are not compatible to each other this will be harder to make him come back to you as it could be when you only did not have time for each other.
  • Task yourself to do a list on what went wrong, mark the one that you can control.
  • Find out if you were in tough situation in your relationship life. It better to be ready for a relationship when you stable and positive about it.
  •  MAKE SOME CHANGES IN YOU: in case you realize that you were doing wrong things to your ex in the past relationship. Try to improve on things that could have brought the breakup but do not call him just let the actions sprays allover since action is louder than words.

In case you find out that your relationship end due to lucky of attention this time make him feel so special to you. Let him know how happy you feel when his next to you.

  • Maybe your relationship ended simply you have been flirting with so many guy, this time put a limit on it and in case you still have some guys you flirt with let it be so private  so that you don’t remind him of the past relationship. Since it brought it to an end.
  • If your ex left you because of being so close to him try to give him a space. He will understand your importance when he begins to miss you this will make him call you and develops more attachments to words you.

Look and feel your best: Beautify your hairstyle and finger nails. Go for nice warm bubble bath and find a very good outfit to look super beautiful than never before. Your sill starts to feel your best. It does not need you to get complete makeover when you intending to chance.  

  • In the morning before you go out get extra 10mins of getting ready to look better. Since when you stressed you may feel to beautify yourself.
  • Do a good hair cut it feels good to have a fresh hair cut.

IGNORE THE THINKING OF THE OTHERS. Being so insecure in that all your time you spend it thinking of how other people perceive you, am telling you it will not be possible for you to work on yourself enough so that you can catch your ex boyfriend`s eyes again. It will never matter how charming, funny or cute you may be. All what is matter is the positive things inside you.

The moment you will stop to care what others will think of you . then you will exude confidence that will attract your ex boyfriend knowing that now you finally doing at your own.

Don’t get bothered about his friends. It may happen that his friends did not think that you are the right person to him. Only be nice to them to get their good graces, but you shouldn’t bend over backwards to impress them, this will make you lose focus on your target.

  • Make yourself busy with things you love. The more you get busy with things that you like most like school work, friends pursuing you interests will make your to grow and be improving yourself than forcing yourself on your ex boyfriend. When he realize that you occupied other than sitting around looking at sky he will understand that you have a lot contribute you engaging in to have an active life.
  • Make him sees you that you engaging in things that you like most let it be studying or being out for a run.
  • Keep up with your friends most of your time to keep you positive and will give you a fresh perspective.
  • Avoid using rebound relationship to make you busy. It will unsteady distract and confuse you more

GROW AND REVEAL YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. As you continue to focus on what you need more and try to have a space so that you put away your ex. It will give you better sense an individual not to be ex girlfriend. Take this moment to be real you and make the world understand who you are.

  • Dress to kill. Make sure you get clothes that will make you the most smart girl than never before to impress everyone around you.
  • Show off your individuality by being creative. Involve yourself in story writing, acting class even singing a song if you can on an open mic, to inform your ex boyfriend how comfortable you are with expressing your individuality.

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