How make a married man to love you

How make a married man to love you

Love is so uncontrolled once you get a person that you feel your heart desires nothing can stop you from loving him no matter how committed he may be you will still love him. The only questions you have to ask your self is how to make him love you back also. However it may not be so easy but here are 17 ways that will make him love in that he will end up forgetting her wife for you.

  1. Keep smart and attractive

It works so irresistible to see a smart beautiful lady in front you and you have to get attracted to her but most of the time when we get our wives they tend not to care a lot in that they will always keep so un attractive with wired way of wearing and no more makeup so this most on the time make a man to lose love on her so the moment he will find you attract and smart can change his feeling from his wife to you ending up wanting to spend more time with you than her wife.

  • Do act cheap and play hard to be got.

Never put your slave so low for anyone however much you may feel for him try put pretend that he means nothing to you at first this will make him treasure a lot in that no one will take you serious when he gets you so cheap. So whenever a married man get so easy he will be scared that u will be taken away from him at any time so he won’t leave her wife for a person that he won’t trust to give his love. But once you make it clear to him at first that nothing can take her so easy this will bring so many bonds on you and he will never want to lose you always.

  • Prove that you can’t depend on him

Most of the men take advantage whenever they find it that always you depend on him finically or physically. So they take it for granted that you will always need him more that he needs you, once he finds it that you only want him for love but the rest you can do without him he will always treasure and put you on his mind since he will always be confused in what he can do for you to have you in his life. By doing this it can make him lose hope in her wife to start getting you be proud of him, the end result will be you winning him.

  • Try to learn about him more.

Once you find a man you want but when he is married the only want to make him fall you just try to make a research on him this will blow him away when he get to see you doing what he is interested in even only coloured can make a man to see you a special person to  you. Most of the time a married man his so bored with her wife simply because most of the time once he marries a wife he will want to rule him and she won’t make new stuff in his life but only to drag him in the box so that he won’t have a chance to enjoy any other woman . so most of the married men when the find you doing something special you do that he is attracted to he will want to keep you around always so this can make him leaving her wife and end up with you.

  • Never let him have sex with you before winning him

The most weapon a woman has to drive a man to the direction you want him to be is sex therefore you have to you it so wisely never have sex with a married woman if you want him to get committed to you. Every time you limit him to have sex with you he will do anything that will make you fall for him. So this will make it easy for you to control him, he will try to impress you in that even he won’t have a chance to listen to her wife due to you’re the feeling he will have towards you so this will make it easy to leave her wife for you.

  • Never make a fight to her wife

Making a fight is a very stupid idea you should ever think of if you really want to wine her man make sure you always keep positive on her in that never criticise her in front of him only make sure to realise you in importance to him with how you make him feel but not with that her wife does to him this creates so much strong bond to him other than wanting you as an excuse .

Nothing reason that you must consider before fighting to her wife he will really to identify you if you will be a good person to him but once you ignore her wife he will be the one to fight for you and make you her understand how important you mean in his life. Once he states to make her understand you your importance to her it is a sure deal that you will be wining that man all she will do is to walk away from him. Then you will get the happiness that you need.  

  • Make sure you cause less stress to him than happiness

Married men most of the time they have stress at home, they are scares to get more stress out in that they spend time in pubs simply they scared to go back home to have stress. They are very much interested to get a person who can easy their stress, this is a best way to get a man who is married to love you and make him leave her wife will be to give him so much confortable to you without getting stress always drive to positions that will make him happy other than thinking of what will stress him. Try to make so much jokes to him making him laugh all the time whenever he is with you so when he goes home he will still think of ending up not wanting to be with her wife. Hence he will always keep you close to you in a return you will win him completely in his life.

  • Be positive to his kids

In case you happened to fall for a married man you must know they have kids and it hard even no in moral to make him hurt his children he will always want a person who can take good care of his kids. if you keep on being concern on his kids he will see you as a partial person who will look after his kids. therefore never so attitude to then just ask him to always have time for them and if possible to try to go with him and kids to the park or to kids play stores. He will see you as woman who will manage his family even though his wife she is away

  • Do some surprises for him

In marry its always carrying you responsibility in that thing unique you get from your wife. Some men even forget when lastly he go a surprise from his wife. In order to attraction his attention to you is doing they is not common to him so a surprise will make him realise how much he miss from being a person who care about his feeling . This a bribe that will make him slowly feeding her wife and develops so much feelings to you. It can change his life in that whenever he will think of having joy it will be you on her mind this will get to extent that he won’t spend a day without talking or coming to see as time continue he will not want to go back to his wife always he won’t want to leave you.

He will get so much jealous of you and become over protective to you thinking that if he leaves you some else will take you away from h. He will always be asking on what he can do to make you his woman so what will be left will be you tell drive him the way that will favour you in that even if you ask him to leave her wife for you he will do it without thinking twice once he becomes obsessed with you.

  1. Sharing your phone with him

As you know that his married man so in most cases he will think that you also have another man whom you want in your life above him. By sharing you phone anytime you with him will make him build so much trust in you and getting deep devoted on you. He will know that his the only one in your life, he won’t accept anything to distance the two since the love for you will be developing so widely in everything you do with him.

This can be proved by the most of the couple you know. They always tend not to share phones complaining that if a man asks for a woman`s phone will be a matter of not trusting her so many have the tendency of not bother about their wives` but in the reality if they get a chance to peep in they do it. You making it clear on the first time that you share your phone with him give him a great experience from other women this will make him wanting you more in his life.  

  1. Make him realise that he can do better

Men loves people who can encourage them on what to do rather than complaining every time but so funny  most of the wives always complains on their men so if you give so much encourage and support this will open his eyes on you. Once he gets this intimacy in you he will never want to leave you so you will wine his heart in that he will leave everything for you and choose you over his wife.

  1. Comfort him in case he get problems

Married men have so much in their life most of the time they get problem from work and home. Since these are all stuff situation so there have nowhere to easy their stress good enough if he realise that you that kind of a person who can comfort him at situation he will want you to be close to him always. As being close with hi making a bond to be strong letting the past to heal.

His wife will become a ceremony wife but it will be you who will make him feel a man and passionate he will no longer consider of what his wife will feel all what will be hurting him will be you not giving time on this level every decision you make will work out for him    

  1. Advise him on how to manage his money

Most of the men do not know how to use their money wisely so men expect to have a wife who will also show him the best way of using his money that having a person who will only want to spend his money on things that cannot had value on his life. Once he will see that element in you he will trust so much and wanting to do developmental things will you. As you keep on doing this with him he will see much useful in you than her wife who would always wanting to go for shopping therefore its becomes so easy for you to take him from her.

  1. Being social to him

Most marriage people do not live a social life with his wife it always a form life and full of responsibility for getting that they has need a time to be happy. Once you bring a difference in his life he will be crazy about you and he will never think of you losing you in his life. With this connection being created in between the two of you he will be willing to leave her wife for you.

  1. Do not call him at night

Men are so funny and greedy one he loves you he I will want to control you even when you not in his visibility. He will always feel unsafe when he is not with you so he will always expect you to update him everything you do during his absence. This is seen when he tries making late calls to you to know your movements so he will also expect you to be updating him always. By not calling him at night will make him jealous thinking that maybe you have company at night when his away from him. He will think on what to do so that he can always have you any time he wants you. Due to over thinking of these issues he will end up moving in with you since it will be the only chance to know everything about you.

  1. Post him on your social media

If you have no connection with his wife always try to post him on your social media he will feel so special to you knowing that you treasure him. He won’t stop checking your social media to see what is happening to you so with this connection he will always want you next to him.

  1. Keep up with his friends

Try to keep up with his friends to know what he likes most and he will take it like they are keeping you for him during his absence. This will make you know what he wants most from his friend and they will give you best advises on how to win him once they realize how much you love him. However no all of t hem may like you but those who welcomes you will be of great help you to get him in you control.

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