Love is a gift that makes a relationship to be in a health way and gives the partner all the happiness they need. Love can be bought with money but can be increased with blessing this why the am here to introduce to you the best ways on how to make a man to love your more. This will help you to know all the weakness that you can do to see a man dying for you. All what will keep you happy in a relationship will be love so get time to read my worlds and benefit from them.

It is very important to have some criteria on how to choose your man before getting so committee to him. This will help you also to be happy with him if his man you love from your heart. They only thing you need to do is to make to love you back as you do to him so you need to know how to make a man to love you more.  Since also love as techniques that bring out pure love for each other.


It is very important to know your man this will bring so much value in your relationship. However all men are not the same but we know have what we call common factors that is need by everyone. Some girl thinks that being beautiful will keep a man but this is a big mistake to think of. Beauty will only attract so many men on but it won’t keep a one around you if you have no good quality for a man the only thing you will achieve from beauty will be to used you if you don’t consider on how to make a man to you more.

Men are too easy to change their minds on both side either to love you more or to let you go all what you have to do is to know how to make a man to love you more. Men need a woman who won’t give them so much troubles. As some ladies want to be a burden in everything for a man. And ladies are so much found of following a man in everything he does. It is not good to follow your man this makes him feel like his not good enough to be trusted and take you to be a nagging person. ON one will like a person who will nag you. Relationship is built on trust not by ruling your man. The more you follow him is the more he will need to hiding everything from you. He won’t be able to tell you all his movements.

I don’t know if have you have ever realise with your man anything he does without you nagging him he will make sure he keeps you informed about but once you start nagging him he will do it without letting you know about it. I have seen some men doing some business with other partner without letting his partner to know but the only reason he will give you will be that once my lady get to know about it she will be want to following everything about it.


This is a very big problem and common mistake done by most of the ladies. How to make a man to love you more won’t come from the way you control him. Every man want his proud as a man not to be controlled. What makes a man is to full his prestige as a man but a man controlled by a woman his seen as week man in his friends so this may kill his love to you if you want to control him. And if I can tell you the truth controlling a man won’t stop him from cheating on but it may be a big reason for him to leave you once he gets a person who won’t control him.

At times to make a man to be proud of you he has to be feel so better on how you treat him and at times even his family may determine if you good for his son so no family will In support with you if you control his son. They will be seeing you as a person who won’t get joy to their son but only using him for your own benefits if you are that kind of woman who wants to control a man.


It better to have control on your eager some women are found of reacting so badly to a man even when it is necessary. This is so dangerous it make a man to get tired of you easily. Some men with such wife they will always go to bars and come back drunk at home so that they don’t get that stress. If you over react to your man he won’t have time for you and he will be avoiding you for as much as he can therefore your love will never grow more only you will be kept with responsibility without love.

Sometime over reactions brings out good fights between the relationships which bring down the interest of a man to you.  It is so wise to know your man than giving him reactions always. If a mistake is done it’s better to talk of maturely than reacting to him since reaction won’t make it right and might not make him understand his mistake but only will make him to take you for grated


Please ladies try as much as you can to great a feel to your man that no one can give him good sex as you do. This will keep him close for as much as he can. But not forgetting that having much sex with him means that it is good sex. The question is what is a good sex to man: Sex is a deep feeling that need to be modified always and being romantic to your man so increase his sex feeling to you. Do not do sex so formal every day we need to change something in sex. That is getting some unique place which he did not expect do it from this will remain in his mains and he will also miss it. It will capture his heart to you makes him miss you more always.  

At times women are so romantic when starting to date but once you gets a man you forget all what made him get attracted to you. You will find your woman at home even with no bathing but at the beginning you couldn’t visit your man without good looking. To those entire woman who want to keep their men sexual attractive to them always please make it so much important to be clean always. At times take an effort to get new lingerie that may boast your man`s feelings whenever he sees you wearing it. This will make him to have incredible sex with you.

In case his stubborn and does not want to get back to intimacy just contact me for more skills that will blow him madly and love you so much crazily.

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