The most successful part in a relationship is to get a man to love you and end up being together for the rest of your life. Men are not easily convinced to get committed they will west your time and end up leaving your for another woman therefore you have to be focus in your relationship. Do all it takes to make propose to you to be secured for your future with him.

If I may ask you:

How does it feel to spend your time and end up losing him?

Will you let another woman to take away your man?

Is it worth to only be with him for a while?

No one will wish all this to happen to her once you get a man you love. All you need will be him to come and stay with you to start up a family together. But as time goes on without seeing him getting committed to you here are the 8 steps that will change him and get him propose to you.


So many men are good at working but they will never know how to spend their money and time in the right way. The rule of a good woman will be to direct you on how to be constructive by doing things that can add value on you. When a man sees this element in you it will be hard for him to let you go. He will always wants to be his adviser so this automatically make him get committed to you.


A woman who always support for his man will always be so special to him. When I talk of support it includes a wide range of thing. This were we find knowing your man`s weakness and try to comfort him. Making him understand that people can fail and try again. Standing with him in times of hardships. By doing this your man will run mad about you he will beg you to be with him. All you will see will be a surprise ring for proposal.


Once you get a person you love truly it’s your obligation to make him know how you feel about him and show him you serious. Do not let him west your time tell me what you want from him and put it straight forward that will turn him into a  mature man so that he takes a step on you if he really needs you in his LIFE.


The more you spend a lot of time with your man is the more he will get used to you. By getting used to you he will never want to be separated from you all the time after work he will want to be with you. Once you get that whatever you act he will be willing to do it for you at any cost so that you can be happy with him. Taking move forward to you for proposal will be so easy for you.  

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