AS we all know that divorce in the all world is on the rate of 50%. Even though this is very known to everyone that won’t make it pain free. Therefore if you see yourself in the same position of getting divorce, am here to give tell you the game news: leaving in a marriage when you not happy doesn’t necessary mean to divorce. As long as one has the desire to make things right so that your relationship is saved.  

I have had so many clients who are on the brink of divorce, to the extent that some already filed papers, but I managed to help them to have directions back in happy moments. So am here to share with you the best steps that you will follow to stop the action of splitting with your loved one.


It 100% normal to feel defeated or panicked when your loved one wants a divorce, though this do not mean that your partner won’t come around. “in treatments of my marriage I always work on partners who are on brink of divorce. Both of them or one is so much willing to let it go or ambivalent about to live to together, “ says Dr Umar Malkh” So amazing most of them I manage to make them  get the bottom of their issues, things changes the reverse, I make them to understand the love they have for each other and they will want to stay together I gain. In order to achieve the first step you need is to make them understand what your partner wants out. Both of you are entitled to your own feelings. And it’s important to allow your partners position without trying to change it.


This may feel like the only thing you wish to do last. ”make a big effort. Approach your partner and tell him or her why they want to leave the marriage, make it so brief and on point: I know, “ You think that I don’t support you/ I haven’t loving to you , I don’t show kindness to you, even though you dong agree, just inform your partner that you do understand his or her perspective to why they want to quite the marriage. It is so important.  


“People behaves so bitter, if their primitive survival alarms, “ says Dr Umar Malkh. And they will be nothing that rings our  survival alarm so much louder as a threat of divorce” this will all mean whatever people say and childish stuff people do during divorce. Are brought up due to primitive part of our brain processing without controlling it in this threat. It important to understand the fight pattern into you and out it to an end. The mission must be you to be mature Torrent and loving person in that your partner will fell in love with  not anxious, angry person in a survival model.     

Step Four: Retreat

If your partner wants to leave you from the marriage, your fast thinking will be to chase your partner, pleading, begging and insisting but the reality you don’t need to do all these. Some as how your partner`s retreat triggers your pursuit. Your pursuit makes your partner to distance you more. Therefore its better for you to let it go, just ignore your partner and keep on minding your own business. Never get hysterical. It is a big shout down, you have to stay calm, let him or her get his own space just act in the way that will make your partner to miss you.


Putting it in mind that this divorce is brought up main by your partner, just do a list on whatever you want your partner to change about. It so much better for you to control yourself, at last you will see that both of you have to change so that you can be happy. Therefore it’s better to start work on your end of the deal. Leave all the past and start up a support mechanism of family and friends for a while. This implies that you will be calling them instead of your partner in case you down and upset or desperate. The incense will be to make your partner understand that you now a changed person. Get back to yoga lesions, try to make up on your own, make sure you see your old friends or learn new activates. Try to be the best you can, by doing all that your partner will notices your changes.      


The moment the put in consideration the first five points it is most likely for your partner to get in on the same page with you. It can be agreeing to meet for lunch in a short while. When you meet again just focus on positive, happy interactions other than wanting to work on the relationship straight away. As time passes when now you can be able to laugh and smile together again. You will understand weather the two of you still have interest to make things


First and foremost, “Stop threatening the relationship,” urges Grey. “Promote motivation for change by saying, ‘Let’s stop threatening divorce and find our way back to the happiness we once had together.'” Next, continue to limit your reactive brain and focus on your partner’s feelings. Your feelings are equally important, but you’ll both need to learn to look out for one another. If you run into a squabble, “Say ‘This is not one person’s fault here. We both need to learn to communicate better so we can be happy together again,'” suggests Grey. And remember the most important phrase: “‘I care how you feel,’ which is what your partner probably doubts,” says Grey.


However you may want a common theme of divorce, it is hard to solve the problem that will satisfy the two of you. You being ready to perform your task don’t mean that your partner does. You man to know what separates a boys from  men is to be able to roll up your sleeves so that you solve your problems effectively. They fore you have to watch what happens if you inject it more effort and give your relationship a lot. . Does your partner reciprocate after a few weeks or months? You can enlist a couples therapist to help the process along, but, “at the end of the day what we really want to say to ourselves is, did we try as hard as we can?” If your partner doesn’t come back, at least you can feel better about how you’ve handled yourself.” 

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