I have seen so many couples breaking up, fighting and aggressive to each other due to cheating it is the most dangerous act in relationship. It so commonly found in men however even few women does it. Most of the couple breaks up because of cheating they live with a broken heart and pain since leaving your man when cheated on you do not mean you do not love him. You will always think of him but only you just get reason not to be with him.

So my question is to you will you rather live with a broken heart from a cheating man or you want to stop your man from doing it. You are in the right place if you want your to leaving all other girls for you. I will give you 6 ways that you will follow and your man quite all the stupid behaviours of cheating.


It is so commonly found from women forcing men to love them instead of teaching them how to love them. A person who is ever forcing you for love because a distance she will always be on your neck thing that ruling you will stop you from seeing other women. Am telling my sister the more you rule a man is the more he does stupid things behind your back.

What is the meaning of ruling in a relationship: This will be the acting of making a man to do all the thing your ways. You take him not to able to understand anything right without your concern. You won’t allow him to have a piece of mind to think by him thing that you helping him. The result will be him finding someone else who can understand him.

This habit is so much found with women who are more financially stable than a man. She will think that since she has money she will control a man forgetting that by a nature a man will always be superior in a family.  The more you will want to control him will force him to cheat on and using your money on the other woman which will hurt a lot once you find out.


Once you get a man you love always treasure him and make him understand that he is all what you have. This will stop him from thinking of other woman to focus on you since he know your value to him. Avoid quick judgments to him it’s better to sit with him and discuss what may be wrong than shouting on him without even clear proof on what might be the reason.  The more you make many fights to your man the high the risks of him cheating on you.

Men with fighting women most do not want to come home early enough to spend time with his family. He will also be afraid of home then he will be a member of pubs and bars always ending up hooking with other women. These women most of the time they won’t give him stress since they know he will be buying drinking so he will make it a habit which will make him forget you then you will start to complain of him cheating not knowing why he started doing it.


Being married is not slave only we have to make each time we have useful to our happiness. In the fast years of marriage most of the time couples are happy but as time goes on things changes mostly when we get a family. Women are found of taking kids more important than a man who brings jealous at time. A man will come home with nothing done at home all the lady will have is the excuse for kids. Far more he will even avoiding him in bed telling him he was so tired the all-day

 Looking after kids then what will happen next will be the man to have some joy out of marriage so that he will give you time to spend with your kids. It may happen for a while and he gets to the other girls then he will no longer be bothering even if you need him. Then you will all be complaining for time for each other not knowing you started all this.


It is very important all of us to play our responsibilities at our home. To build a better home is not a one man’s task. We both need to do our tasks which will drive so to happiness together. A woman who will want a man to do everything without help him must know that her man will get tired of him. Sharing responsibilities build a strong bond with your man. He will know your capacity at home so he will let have a reason to hurt you or even think of losing you.

The moment a man get this strong feeling about you in his life it will be heard of him to cheat on you. The best he will want from you is to be happy he will be so close to you open up in everything he does to make sure that once he need help you will offer it to him. Last the responsible woman is regarded as a queen to the house.


I have heard so many girls complaining for their men cheating when the can do all for them. My sister to day I want to advise you to check the type of sex you give to your man men are so much found of experiencing new type of sex so do not be afraid to do anything you see stupid in sex. Learn as much as you can the methods of pleasuring a man in bed he will ever miss you every time he will think of sex. Once he get addicted to your sex no one will ever give him what you have so cheating may not be common in him.


Not that all men do cheat for the same reasons therefore it is advisable to seeking for advice once you see changes in your man. I have so many article I have wrote concerning cheating men so you can go on my website www.getyourexloverback.org to find out more on how you can stop your man or even contact me for personal talk to get help on him.   

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